• A Few New and Upcoming Craze Agency Castings!

    Granite Flats TV Series-Speaking and Extras

    McDonalds-National Commercials

    Truth Be Told-SAG Film

    Alan Poulsen -Stock Photography Modeling jobs!

    Mars Candy-Various Modeling promos

    Luke Miller –Various Stock Shoots

    Western Buying Conference –Promo Models

    Boca Cosmetics Group-Demo Modeling

    Fifty Films-National Commercial actors and extras

    Check City-Winter Olympics Commercials

    Caps Company-Modeling Shoot

    Hill Street Studios-Various modeling shoots

    JANUS PROJECT FILM –Various Roles

    Under Siege –Commercial National

    Mountain Star-Commercial

    Las Vegas-Hair and Fashion Shows

    Guiness-Various promos

    Outdoor Retailer Show-Various Models



    Watts Smart Commercials-Models

    E-Learning Photo Shoots


    Paul Mitchell Fashion shows

    IHC-Fit Ads

    Murder Mystery shows-Various across needed

    Centurion Auctions-Various models needed for events


    Candlelight Media-Action film Trailer

    America's Got Talent Private showcase in UTAH!!!

    On the Rocks-Short Film


    In Marketing-Various Promo Modeling jobs

    Catrine McGregor Casting-Health spots

    Jeff Johnson Casting-Various Films and TV

    Rocky Mountain Power-Print

    Parade of Homes Models

    Headshot Casting for Book Trailer

    Best Friends Forever-Film

    Cosmic Pictures-Commercial Intermountain Health

    Rich Vintage photo-Kids models


  • Aspen Production-National print ads
  • Franklin Covey
  • Walmart-Print Ads
  • Intel-Print Ads
  • Phoenix Project-National Modeling
  • Eminent Castings-Fashion Shows
  • Cloud Nine- Feature Film
  • Lagoon
  • Gold Fever-TV Series
  • Granite Flats-TV Series
  • Pop Star Puppy -Film
  • Bally Technologies-Michael Jackson Casino promotions
  • DAVEXLABS LLC-Variuos promotions
  • CBS Diversity program
  • Guinness Modeling promotions
  • Creative Media-Various projects
  • Murder Mystery Company-Various projects
  • Reality Bytes Productions-Film
  • Foundation For a Better Life
  • Belgard Hardscapes
  • KSL Local App-Commercials
  • Mature LDS Missionary Models-Males and Females
  • MARV Entertainment-Short Film
  • The Lone Ranger starring Johnny Depp Rich Vintage-Various Print Modeling jobs kids and adults
  • After Earth-Starring Will Smith
  • Sole Fitness-Print Modeling fitness
  • Vital Smarts-Video
  • Regence Healthcare-National Commercials
  • Where the Wild Things Are-Film
  • Stranger Than Fiction
  • Whip it Wallet Carriers
  • Daryn Tufts Director
  • Philadelphia Convention Videos- 4 Life
  • The Mule –Feature Film Sharon Stone
  • Food Network
  • Home Shopping Network
  • Pucker Vodka
  • Dantes Hamlet-Film
  • AXE Men products-Promotions
  • Erik Isakson-Print Modeling
  • Film-Magical Wishing Washing Machine-Actors and Extras
  • Salon Centric-Fashion Show
  • Foundation For A Better Life Commercials-Various Commercials
  • Street Factory Media-Various Promo modeling jobs
  • KIDZBop -Talent Search Kids under 15
  • Luke Miller-Print and Video Modeling shoots
  • All Aces Promotional Staffing- Various Promo modeling jobs
  • Pro Creative-Infomercials and Commercials
  • Cospro Agency- Various Promo modeling jobs
  • Children’s Miracle Network-Various Models and Talent
  • Foundation For A Better Life Commercial
  • Peter Plum-Film
  • Resistance Movement-Feature Film –Nathan Lee Director
  • In Your Prayers- Short Film- Ogden Film Group
  • Spirit Lake Pictures- Industrial brochure, Models
  • The Mine-Feature Film Jeff Chamberlain
  • Redken Pureology Fashion shows
  • Mormon Messages –Print Work
  • Allstate Insurance-Promo Modeling
  • Comcast-Promo Modeling
  • Abduction-Film
  • Rare Method-On Air Spanish talent
  • XInsurance-Various Print Models
  • Imagine-Feature Film actors and Extras
  • World Superbike Event-Models
  • Learning Brothers-Models
  • Wrinkles-Film
  • 2 Tone Apparel-Models
  • Delayed-Film
  • Slow Flow-Film Anne Payne Casting


Sam's Club-Various promotions

Ommission-Feature Film actors and extras

New Testament-Feature Film

Starseed Media-video

Military Family Shoots-Luke Miller

Alan Poulsen-Modeling Print work all ages

Learning English Live-various Videos

Sister Missionary photo shoots-LDS

4 Life-Various Print and Video shoots

Masonic Map-Actors and Extras

17 Miracles-Film

Victory Marketing Agency-Spokesmodels, Brand Ambassadors

Check City-Various Commercials

Street Factory Media-Various Promo jobs

 The New Testament Feature Film

Nickelodeons Brain Surge

  • Luke Miller commercial photography
  • Street Factory Media-Various Model Promotions
  • Worker Agency-International Modeling
  • Seriously Funny Kids-New TV Series starring Heidi Klum
  • Johnsons baby photo project
  • Hay Fever full-length comedy
  • Sharpleft Studios-TV and Print campains
  • Money Magazine-Various National Print Ads
  • Details Magazine-Fashion editorial featuring Adam Brant
  • MasterCard-Lifestyle print work various models
  • Darlin Companion-Feature Film Starring Diane Keaton and Kevin Kline
  • Sunrise Hospitals-Commercial
  • Chris Nuzzaco photography National
  • Google-Talent Bookings
  • Walmart-Over 300 Stores booked promo models throughout the USA
  • Dead People Dont Talk-Film
  • Facebook-Booking talent through Craze Agency Facebook link
  • Stone Five Productions
  • LDS Audio Visual- Various Film, TV, Video and Voice Work
  • 127 hours-Feature Film
  • John Carter From Mars-Feature Film
  • Star Models International-High Fashion Asia
  • Witching Hours Films-Actors, Extras
  • Mindwise Agency-Promo Talent
  • I Model Management- Len Mastaler
  • Rena Haynes Casting-National Films
  • Reflection-Film
  • Annabelle Reboli-National Print photographer
  • Blue Fire Studios-Commercials and Video
  • Le Starza Productions-Actors
  • Team USA-Nationwide modeling
  • TIBA LLC-Print Modeling
  • Mountain Challenge-Promotions, Mindwise
  • Rena Haynes Casting-National Films
  • Reflection-Film
  • Annabelle Reboli-National Print photographer
  • Blue Fire Studios-Commercials and Video
  • Le Starza Productions-Actors
  • Team USA-Nationwide modeling
  • TIBA LLC-Print Modeling
  • Mountain Challenge-Promotions, Mindwise
  • Pedicure models-Bryce Woodward photography
  • Witching Hour Films-Actors
  • Marcus Caine photography-Print Modeling
  • Gallery Productions-Modeling
  • Usana- Catalog Modeling
  • Day Zero-Film
  • ILF Media-Video, Voiceovers
  • MLS Chelada Beer Sampling Promotions
  • Andes Production-Voiceovers
  • Intrepid Agency-Ad Agency
  • Revved Up Like a Deuce
  • An Evening with my Comatose Mother-Film Tina Thorup Casting
  • Origin Studios-Print Modeling
  • The Art Institute of Salt Lake City
  • Veterans Day-Film Spy Hop
  • Dave Moppart-Film
  • Mia Solano-Print Modeling
  • Imagine-Film The Green Brothers
  • Gravy Productions-Modeling National
  • Intrepid Agency-Modeling
  • Marcus Mashburn-Print and Illustration Modeling
  • Shades of Treason-Feature Film
  • Red Coat �Major Feature Film
  • Corruption of a Broken Soldier-Film
  • Waterford Schools-Variuos Print Modeling Children and Adults
  • Walmart-Hundreds of Craze models booked
  • China and Tokyo International Modeling
  • Best Bet-Film
  • Verizon-Commercials
  • First Vision Group
  • Haywired-Feature Film
  • Miami Fashion Week-Modeling
  • American Crew Hair Show-Craze Models
  • Reister Ad Agency
  • Cardenas Marketing Network
  • Utah Office of Tourism
  • Innova-National promo modeling
  • GT Events
  • BMT Staffing
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