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Smooth and fun audition. Thanks, Nan Weber

Hi Troy, The shoot is done and Robbi was great.  Thank you! -CBH

Troy - I had a great first experience.  Everyone was very nice, and they treated us all well.
 Thanks, Mike Milne

 Hi Troy, The shoot went great! Dan was awesome! Thank you again for all your help, it was a pleasure working with you.
Carli Schleser-Flint  Coordinating Producer

Had another great night on set. John, the A.D. made it a point to come up and shake my hand after we wrapped early this morning and tell me he would love to keep using me the rest of the shoot, and to just pass that along to my agent.Thanks, Troy  Michael McQuain

Hello Craze, I worked with the Dr. Holiday film yesterday. It was a great experience
with a top notch film crew. The Associate Director John was sharp and
informative. We were never left hanging wondering what was next. It was a great professional
experience to be with seasoned directors, actors and crew. Thank you, J.C. Shipp

Thank you for being such an amazing agent and founder!!! Please and Thank You -Jared R. Allen

Troy, this crew is an absolute blast to work with! Had a great experience on last Sunday. Paul McGill

I had an absolute blast yesterday! What a great experience! Thank you much! Angela Grant

"Hi Rosie and Troy"   Just wanted to let you know the cast and crew and every one from the director on down on Dr. Holiday, was great to work with today and everybody did what they had to do to get the job done ,They need more production folks like them. And they were happy with the people that represented  Craze Agency and I am sure you will be getting some great feed back . Have a great day Bob Malinoski

Thanks for this. It was fun! One of the guys said they wanted us to come back. What a compliment, Thanks again, John Small

I had a lot of fun today, and I'm looking forward to tomorrow. Thanks! Aaron Bruderer

Troy,  Had a great time today. They mentioned to me that all extras are invited to the festival around Sept. 7th, wanted me to pass it on.
Thanks, Larry

Awesome time, thanks for your help. I'm looking forward to seeing some behind the scenes from start to finish.  Don't worry I'm always told after I work thanks for being a good listener ;) thanks again. Jennifer Davis

Hi Troy,  Thanks for the job. Wade Mitchell

You absolutely rock!!!! Randall Malin

Thanks for all your hard work. Daniel Worthen

 You have great talent.  I know that Steve plans to work with them as well.  But he may be a bit slower getting started.  He was, however, very impressed with your talent as well. AP Photo studios

I just want to thank you!! For making all my dreams and love of acting and performing and modeling even remotely possible!
I just spent the last two days in SLC Utah on the set of The Covens movie!!! These bookings are amazing!!!!! Craze is amazing!!!!  Cara Bray

This is so great Troy! Glad it worked out! Thanks for Booking Brendon. Darlene Kempin

Thank you so much….I was really impressed with your clients' professionalism and talent. Warm regards,Jason Akinaka

Tanisha was adorable and did a great job. She brought lots of wardrobe and was very easy to work with. Thanks, Betty Mallorca


I wanted let you know how much I enjoyed the audition of the Police Chief character for the film, "Truth Be Told".  It was a great, fun experience, Garrett Smit

Thank you very much for the opportunity! Keith Gustafson

Thanks for the project and sending my check it was fun!

Kathyrn Bankhead


The project went well, thank you for all the help! Samantha Hansen


The shoot went well. Thanks for the help. Issimo productions


Riley had fun at the shoot and Matthew really got her to relax and have fun! Becky

Thanks for the heads up. Thank you, Jeremy Kopp

Thank you again so much for helping us with our shoot!
Charley was great and such a pleasure to have on set.
Thanks again! David Thorpe Producer Devinsupertramp LLC

Thanks again for sending over such great talent and be in touch again soon! Samantha ESM Productions

But in one word the shoot was FANTASTIC! Of course you know that with Randall everything was right on.
Joey and Brandy were a great choice and were easy to work with and worked well with all the staff.
Thanks as always.Gil Howe

Thanks for Isabella and Kai for the shoot a couple of days ago. The shoot went well and we had a good time. Thanks again and until next time. --A.J.

Hi there, we met with AJ yesterday at 5. The shoot went great, Thanks!Jessica Reese

Thanks really appreciate it! Lindsay was great!  Thanks again Brandt Olsen

I was meaning to email you and thank-you.  It went very well.  They were both great in interacting with the buyersons. I will likely do this again. We typically
have 2 major line launches per year. Thanks! Randy Benjamin New Era Cap Co.

Thanks you for helping me get started. You guys rock! Larry Lambert

Craze is a great agency to work with.. We have had a positive experience and would recommend them! No hidden fees or loop holes like other talent agencies. Angie Lloyd

I did the National Guard Training job.  It was a blast. Thanks Again! Donny Crump

It was great talking to you today & congrats on having your models booked on this upcoming Epiduo shoot w/ Lori Adamski-Peek. Liz Long

Craze is on top of the line and has given me plenty of opportunists to use my talents. Thank you Craze for keeping me posted and busy. Jeanette Andersen

Troy is one of the most detail oriented, hard working, excited and talented professional I know. I would recommend him for any type of position he would want to pursue. Troy is very accomplished in managing his talent agency like or better than the perceived "best in the industry" and is very successful at it. Joshua G Malan

Craze is a great agency to work with.. We have had a positive experience and would recommend them! No hidden fees or loop holes like other talent agencies!  Angie Lloyd

Thank you for your help in finding models for our photo shoot yesterday. Both Thaliyah and River did a great job!Thanks again! Tara Sunseri Marketing Associate

I am Jaklynn’s mom,  thanks for the time you taken for her and the opportunity for her to have you as an agent. Ms. Grange

They have given us a clear path on how to prepare and receive auditions, I just finished a job at Sundance that was fun. Thanks, Craze Larry Jackson

Thank you so much for sending all your wonderful talent.  We had a great time Saturday. Brooke Harris

My 5-year-old daughter has been with Craze Agency for about 6 months. She recently got two jobs; one with a stock photographer and the other with Pottery Barn Kids. Rosie and Troy have been very helpful with the process and very honest about what types of shots work and which don't, in terms of promoting my daughter on their web site. It's still relatively new but, I would recommend Craze Agency.  Ms. Lukrich

 The shoot on Friday went very well with your models. We shot for 4 hours- 3pm to 7pm.Thanks! Mike Kemp Photography

 I Worked on the Cascade, Id SciFi film, had a blast. Me and 4 other people were the M.C. supporters. And all went well. The crew was a great group to work with. Jeanette Anderson

 It was a wonderful job and everyone was very nice. Yes I had two days of travel and 1.5 days of shooting. Thanks! Jackie Brinkerhoff

 Thanks for supplying Toby and Mika. They did great Thanks. A.J.

 Good morning! I did attend the car commercial at John Watson Chevrolet in Ogden yesterday and had a smashing good time. Julie Sas

I was just cast for the Cascade Film as a patron. Thanks Elijah Lowen

Thanks for your work on the booking.THANKS AGAIN! Matt George POW

 I wanted to let you know about me getting this callback.. It was fun meeting with them and I'll wait now to see if I'm in top 20 to go on the show.. :) this is the email I received from them after having 2 phone interviews and a video chat I went to the live interview in LA last week.. It was great. Thanks, Angie Lloyd

 I am just letting you know that I got the role of Clara in a short arthouse thriller film here in Boise.Paris Hill

We are still selecting talent and look forward to Julie on Sunday. Thank you again for being awesome! Daniel Thompson

I audition for the Secret Garden in Nampa Children Theatre. I got the role od Mrs. Sowerby. She is a main part for the older Children.  Thank You, Kirsten Thompson

I was cast in Cloud Nine ! I'm scheduled to shoot the 3-15 thru 18! Thanks, Hattie Fleming

Hi Rosie looks like I got a part in the Cloud 9 production as an extra. Thank you so very much and I'm really excited for my first job to be a movie. Thank you again. Kiana

I just wanted to let you know that I got an Audition for Theodora The Great. Thanks Brittnie Sommerfelt

The promo went great, Princess was awesome! Emily Beckman West Coast Promotions Coordinator

 I just wanted to let you know the reports I got back about both Jordan and Sasha were fantastic!!

They were very professional and easy to work with, and we will be happy to offer them work the next time we have an event in UT. Also, thanks again to your company, for being so good to work with. It's a real pleasure. Adam Mack


I worked with Missy yesterday for 3 hours. She did awesome. A lot of fun.  I worked with Krystal today for 2 1/2 hours. She was also great. I have scheduled Kendra Goff. Thanks, Alan Poulse

Randall was great and we felt he was perfect for this. He was easy to work with and took directions well.We also enjoyed working with your agency you have been fantastic. Thanks, Gil Howe

It has been fun to do a few things with you in myspare time. I have recommended Craze to a few people, and hope they
choose to use the agency, as I like the way you run your business.
Thank you,  Jeanne Fulford

 Hi, I was just cast in a zombie Movie for NNU both Friday and Saturday thank u for all u guys do! Chris Patton

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Thanks so much for the recommendation. I went to the audition today and they just emailed me that they want me on Sunday for the shoot. Thanks Again Robert (Bob) Milburn

Thank you so much. I appreciate the consideration and look forward to next time.
Autumn Jones

I just got an email from him so thank u! And Brandon and the carbon crew were a blast...ill touch base after shoot. Thanks! Missy Jones

Realean enjoyed doing the show, she's ready to go again.Thank You
Jennifer & Realean Maxfield

Thank you for all  the opportunites! I am excited to participate!
Candie Collier


Thanks again for all the looks and opportunities. I am looking forward to a fun and exciting winter film season. Jeremy Kopp

 We loved Joshua McLerran's and Whitney Lee's auditions. We would like to see them again! Thank you! Bluehost Inc.

 Faith was cast in Michal Schumway's film Alienate. Thanks, Karen Dagson

Troy you are a great agent and friend! Alan Meyer

Thanks again Lance!! You guys are wonderful to work with Adam Mack Casting Director

 Thank you for the wonderful time that I had working on the jobs that I did. I had a great experience on all of them.  Thank you, Dana Hewitt

 I heard everything went smoothly and every one had a lot of fun! Thank you for your models, I’m glad to hear they had fun as well.

Thanks! Dani  GlynnDevins Advertising & Marketing

 Just wanted to say your actors were awesome on Friday. They were all on time and ready to go Fifty Films

 It went really well! Thanks for all of you help. Anne-Cosmic Pictures

 Both Velia and Erica did great.Like all of the others, they were on time, very professional, had fun doing the shoots with them, and would definitely recommend/do another shoot with them. Bruce Durbin

 I just wanted to let you know that my photo shoot today with Bruce Durbin went well! He was fun to work with and I had a great time. He asked me if I'd be willing to come back again sometime and I told him I would.Thanks so much! Erica

You have some talented actresses. We look forward to working with you on future projects.
Best Regards, Randy Sternberg

I Booked 3 full days of work. Feb. 29th, Mar 1 & 2. In Salt Lake City on the Feature Film Mistletones! Thanks, Robbi Kindt

Whitney you are the greatest...You Rock Robert DeSmit

I have loved being involved with your agency and the experiences I have had these last few months have been so positive. I would recommend you to any actor/actress/model. Many thanks for everything,

Alycia Finkbeiner

 I just wanted to let you know that the shoot with Derendrick went great Thanks for the reference, and I will want to work with him again in a couple of months. Thanks Rich Vintage Photos

 It was fantastic... Your talent did an amazing job. Thank you. Ed Shoots

The Shoot went very well. The Director Called an unexpected meeting to let us know that we had been the very best group that they had worked with in a very long time!!! Thanks Hondo

 Emily got cast as the little sweet country girl in the SLCC film. She is way excited!
Thank you, Kerrie Brown

The shoots all went great with Jim and Jackie! LimeLite  Pro.

Dear Rachael Parks, We would like to offer you the role of TRAP ONE, in our production of The Time Traveller. Thanks, Everlasting Films

Thanks for the audition opportunity in Boise!. Thanks to everyone at Craze Agency for everything!!!!!!! Daneyra  Padron



Thanks so much for your help with this Troy.

Cody Lundgren

 I was in The Letter Writer, It received 5 Doves (equivalent to 5 stars) from the Dove Foundation; the Best of Show Award from the Accolade Film & Television Awards in California; and it is going to be airing at the Annual International Family Film Festival in HOLLYWOOD; and it's airing at the Lancaster Children's Film Festival in ENGLAND!!

I am so stoked!!! Emily Van Leeuwen

 Really glad to be working with Craze.  I learned a lot and Troy was very inspirational. Jon Muench

 Thank you so much Rosie! You have no idea what that means to me! You just made me cry right now, but that is a good thing! Have a blessed Day! Lisa Wilson

 If you want to work as an actor or a model in Utah, Craze Agency is a solid choice. Not only will they help you by offering you resources to improve your craft, but they'll also get you tremendous auditioning opportunities once your talents are up to snuff. I was able to land the leading role of "Dale" in Sony's Daddy Day Camp opposite Cuba Gooding, Jr because of an audition that Craze arranged for me. When you're seeking an agency to represent you, I know how difficult it can be to determine whom you may trust. I trust Craze. It's a great agency composed of great and hard-working individuals who are dedicated to the success of those they represent. Joshua David McLerran

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They are the best agency I have ever worked with! Madison Makenna Lunt

I've have always appreciated Craze's willingness to share our ultra-low budget projects with your roster of talent. I will certainly let you know when we start to initiate projects in Spring 2012.
Thanks,Andrew Ellis Experiment Pictures

Thanks for your quick response and efforts! Kate Holland, Production Coordinator

Kayla Baggerly was accepted to work in Penny Dreadful and had a really great time! My meeting with Lena went very well. She is an ideal model. I will want her for a later project. I am looking forward to meeting with Brad on Wednesday. Beverly A Lujan

Initial reports about the show are positive! Thanks so much for your help on this! Adam Mack

Craze Agency is the absolute best agency to work with, thank you so much! Sally Meyer

Thanks for your great submissions. We plan to see everyone. Thanks! Anneke ABC

Anne was FANTASTIC. Everyone was very impressed, myself included. Tell Anne that we all loved her, and I'm looking forward to working with Craze again in the future.
Daryn Tufts

Thanks so much for the talent. They worked out great.  ED McCulloch

We have a friend here in Mountain Home who has been repeatedly told that he bears an amazing resemblance to Tom Skerritt. I told him you represent us and he will not find a better agency than Craze Agency to take care of him.

Thanks Bob Milburn


I have just been Cast for Growing Up: College Style which is shooting in Ogden this Saturday. I am playing the part of the professor. It turns out this will be a recurring Role.

Thanks, Michael Mayer

Thanks again Craze! You're the BEST!!!  Heather Davis


The filming with Heather went great as usual. I was told that things went well with Wendy as well. Website Talking Heads

Thanks for the adventure and I'll keep referring great people to you! Lydia Black

Thank you so much for your help on this project! You guys also represent me and I have loved working with you over the years!! Thank you, Autumn Gehring

Thanks for all the great news! Thanks again, Richard Dean


David was stellar! He was very professional and did a great job. We were able to give him little direction and he ran well with it. Spencer Bagley,  MCCAN Worldwide


I really appreciate your help. Thanks,  Manning Photography


If Lena Benitez is available for any of the dates that would be great. The field manager stated that she was awesome!  Corina Kanwischer


Yes, we had a great day thanks for your help. We will be in touch, Melina Harr, Usana

Thank you so much for your help on this project! You guys also represent me and I have loved working with you over the years!! Thank you, Autumn Gehring

Thanks for all the great news! Thanks again, Richard Dean

David was stellar! He was very professional and did a great job. We were able to give him little direction and he ran well with it. Spencer Bagley,  MCCAN Worldwide

 I really appreciate your help. Thanks,  Manning Photography

 Yes, we had a great day thanks for your help. We will be in touch, Melina Harr, Usana

 If Lena is available for any of the dates that would be great. The field manager stated that she was awesome! GMR


I had my stock photo shoot this morning and it went well! The client was great to work for.
Thanks! Anne Forester


I really appreciate all of your help. Thanks Again Manning Photo


You had a wonderful model come to the audition Dakota Bradshaw.
Even though he is new, with not a lot under his belt, he was professional and carried himself very well. Warm Regards Molly Vetter


I was accepted to be a model at the Park City Fashion Show. Thanks, Dakota Bradshaw



The stock photo shoot at the airport hangar went well. Thanks,  Dustin Campbell


You are my go to guy in Utah!  I will definitely call you if I need you. Thank you for all your help! Corina Kanwischer Recruiter – Quickstrike


We had a great day thanks for your help. It was  nice to meet so many new people, We will be in touch, Melina, Usana


After meeting with both the guys yesterday, we liked both of them. Thanks Lync Media


Everything went really well. They were both great. Aimee's always solid for surethanks,

Dave Stoker


If Lena is available for any of the dates that would be great. The field manager stated that she was awesome! GMR


I had my stock photo shoot this morning and it went well! The client was great to work for.
Thanks! Anne Forester


I really appreciate all of your help. Thanks Again Manning Photo


Thanks for the opportunity for Liam today. It was a learning experience for him. He looked great and was very professional. He has a lot of potential and this was a good first step for him. Thanks again for the opportunity. Heather Fairbanks


I landed a part in the project titled, "Anduro,". It's awesome to get to do it. Thanks again for looking over everything. Jacob Long.


Thanks again for making it all come together. You're the man! Jesse Peery




Rich did a great job on Wednesday. Thanks Again. Learning English Live

I loved working with Amanda Prescott!!! Luke Miller

Thanks so much Craze for everthing! I am very excited for this! Krystal Ochsenbein

Aiden filmed his part in 17 Miracles and auditioned for the B.A.C.A. New York Style Fashion Show and Shoot. He had fun...Thanks for everything. Laura Beagley

Sabita showed up on time to the shoot last night and I photographed her for two hours. She was really an excellent model, and very pleasant to work with. Thanks Again Justinen Creative Group

Everything went really well at the Sundance project. Thanks Hunter PR

Thank you so much for help this afternoon. We so enjoyed meeting some of the Talent you have there. I am looking forward to using many of them in the future. I need to book 4 models immediatly. Alan Poulsen

Hi Craze Agency, Thank you for working with me, I feel like I learned so much and want to learn more.Candie Crandall-Collier

I really appreciate your thoughtfulness. Thank you for working so hard for the talent. Marie Thompson

Thank you Michael. You are always so easy to work with and always provide us with staff that gets the job done right the first time. We are excited for your growing business. Best, Marie

Thank you again for the wonderful success with our first casting call for the movie Murder: A Comedy by Idge Films.  Thank you again for all your help! Victoria Horn

 Thanks so much for your help! We've already begun to get responses. Fainting Goat Films

 All the models did great today! We had some awesome photo sessions.

Thank you very much, Basia  Perri Swan LLC

 Thank you Craze  Agency so much for your support of student films. Dean Bingham, Casting Director

 Michelle was great!  Thanks 2 tone apparel

You guys are just TREMENDOUS for casting me in Gerald Baumgarnter!!!! Randal Malin

Thanks for everything. We are going to use Jacqueline and Haley. Tyler Gourley, Fashion Photography

Thanks for sending your people on such short notice. We will invite you to participate in future castings. Thanks Susan Metropolis

Thank you for your assistance in locating talent for our upcoming film project, I would like to cast 3 Craze Actors Thank you, Rodney Ewing and Clayton Erekson

Received a main role in the feature film Start With Nothing, by Three Straw Films. 10 full days of filming and I am excited. John Valdez

I want to thank you for helping make our Santa workshop a success. It was a great event. Tracie, Historic Main Street Business Alliance-

Hi Troy, Thank you for the help and guidance. I had a great time! Samantha Kerfoot

We love working with you guys. We will for sure be in touch for our future shoots. Best, Eddie- Rubberball


 Thank you for all of your support! We had a great turn out from your agency and it was greatly appreciated. We only chose Haley Salmon as a paid model She was AWESOME!!! Such a cute girl and easy to work with! Jessica Terry,  Sexy Hair Brand Manager

You’re always SO good about responding to my casting calls .   Thank you for that! Thanks again!!!!!  Laurel Imagine Learning

I'd definitely like to see Kandace, Shane, Joey, and Kristie again. They were all great, and Jesse was great as always. Thanks again man. Ben Hunt Fifty Films

My affiliate in Vegas was pleased. Thanks for working so hard and fast to get me the photos and info. I hope to be able to work with you.

 Thanks again, Sally Johnson  Green Light

Thanks for the work you have done on Kellis behalf to secure her this audition! Becky Barron

 I really appreciate these wonderful job opportunities. You’re the man!Thank you again, Marie Thompson

 This is an exciting production, and I wish you all the best with a successful callback experience!

 Thank you for your interest and support of LDS productions!  See you on Friday!Ben Cummins  LDS Media Services, Casting


Thanks so much for helping me out on my last spec NHL tv shoot-  Ed M

 I appreciate you guys! Thanks,
Maria J.

 Thanks for your help on all of our various projects.  M. Bergen Street Factory


Dear Craze Agency, Thank you for sending your talent to audition for the New Testament project. Thank you for your continual support of LDS Media Service productions! Best Regards, Alisa Anglesey, Media Services Department Casting  LDS Motion Picture Studio

We've been seeing a lot of people from Craze so thank-you for sending them! We
will let you know about  callbacks.  Brooke Harris, Omission's Casting Director

I just wanted to say thank you for all of the jobs that you booked for me. I had a ton of fun doing them!
Jeannine McGlothlin

The various Sam's Club events that your talent worked went well!  Thank you for your good work.
Le Chef Costumier

CRAZE AGENCY, THANK YOU SO MUCH! As of today, this is who I have cast all from Craze: Vaughn Odenbrett, Barbara Reyes, Carolyn Koskan, Doug Brinton , Ricky Dyson, Lyn Vickery, Yvonne Churchill, Walter Platz, Rand Briem, Kevin Hoagland, Melaine Mallory, Grant and David Carsten and their mom, Cheryl Dejno and Rich Teraci ! Misty- Christian Filmakers

You are Awesome - much thanks for pulling this together! Michael Schoenfeld

Thanks Michael, they all did very well... Storyline Films

I just wanted to thank you for the opportunity that you allowed me to have last night at the Black Friday Event at the Wal-Mart. I had a great time. It was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed my time taking part in this adventure. Sincerely, Shellilyn Weese

Thank you so much for all you do Craze. Nikki S. Thank you for all the work you do that gives us the opportunitys we have from Craze. Dean Kesler

Jessy came in and shot and it all went well. Thanks again for another great shoot! T.H. President Learning English Live LLC

The event went really well and I had a ton of fun with Susana. Thanks for booking me the job! Amy Pettit

Craze Agency has been awesome to work with. It ha been a great way to make a lot of extra money. The Mask of Redemption film provided enough money to buy our plane fares to leave on a cruise. We love traveling! Thanks again! David and Judy Denney

Your Agency is the BEST! Ms.Smith Nation Wide Models

Kayla was amazing! She is so incredible. You really have a talent on your hands. Brenda Upright -Snapped

I just love Craze Agency! Sheridan Patch

All your folks were great. Travis was the best. Thanks! Greg Green 3 of a Kind

Thanks so much for giving me a wide range of talent to look through. I will add them to our talent pool for all future projects. Thanks. Alan Silva

My names is Cameron Asay and I am the Casting Director for a BYU film this fall entitled Karl Driscoll. I have heard wonderful things about your agency and would love to invite any actors available to attend our first casting session This Thursday. Thank-you for your time!

Thank you as always for all that you do for us. Laura Beagley for Aiden Beagley

What talented actress you have! I would like to see more. Jon Oliver

Everything went really well. The girls were all good sports and did excellent work. Mike Fast Forward Prod.

I went to the Photo job. It was awesome! Thanks, Roma S.

I wanted to let you know that I really appreciated you keeping me in the loop and trying to find me work even with my tight full time work schedule. Craze has been a really great agency to work with. Thanks again for all your hard work. I sure appreciate you guys. Summer

I just wanted to let you know that the photo shoot with the Childrens Miracle network went great and all of my kids had a lot of fun. Thanks Angie Abilla

Thank you for your support of our production! We appreciate your help greatly and look forward to meeting your talent. Steve Greene, Casting

Thank you so much for all the great talent. Jenirae Reynolds Editor, Fifty Films

All of your talent did an A plus effort. Thanks much for your help. Encore Nationwide

Thanks again for sending all the emails and casting calls. Adam Hatfield

This looks great, thanks so much. I will get back to you concerning callbacks Brandon Habermeyer Casting Director

It is evident you have some very good formal training to share, and I learned a great deal from you! Fun! Looking forward to potential hosting-spoke model roles...and other opportunities in the future.Best and warmest regards. Kristen Ardani

I wanted to let you know that they will be using me in their film.Turning Point. I did not even have to go to a callback, they just offered it to me. Cool! Nicky Soulier

I wanted to let you know Allayna is enjoying the auditions she is going on! The first thing she said when she came back out was, that was fun when can I do it again? Thanks for the opportunities! Stephanie Ramirez

Walter was great... expect more bookings! Joseph Wilkins

Everything was great with Randall and Ric. Thanks Again! D. Smurthwaite

Your Wonderful! Thanks so much, Kayla was darling and we are glad she can do this project. Brenda U.

I had a wonderful shoot yesterday with T. C. on 17 Miracles. It was a very professional experience at the Brigham Young University Motion Picture Studio. Thanks so much for thinking of me! Annette Turner

Just wanted to say thanks for your consideration! Have a great week! I look forward to helping you in the future! Jeni Hanes r

Thank you very much for all the work you do on my behalf. I love the camera! Sending you my best Katherine Kerr

Thanks again for all your help on all of our various projects! John Williams!

The Walmart gig was fun, Thanks Again. Helen T.

The shoot went really well. He was very friendly and made me feel comfortable right away so it was a lot of fun. Thanks for the gig! Stephanie Judd

Kenzi did great! Thanks for the invoice and your help again! Noah, Creative Media

You guys are awesome. Thanks again and have a great day. Luke Volz

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